We are team of creative thinkers crafting refreshing brands and products people love!

It’s more than just making you look great. We believe design made with empathy and analysis leads to design built on understanding. And design built on understanding leads to design that works. We work on your projects as we would our own. A professional team working collaboratively across disciplines to find adaptive, creative solutions that serve and delight.

Our process is at the core of our work


Ask / understand / analyse


The first step, one of the most important, is to analyse the problematic raised by the brief, and to understand issues for users and for our clients. We identify user needs, aspirations, and the difference of cultures with a holistic approach. Our industrial expertise also allows us to explore manufacturing processes, the supply chain, and the end of life products.



conceptualize / iterate


The next step is to imagine genius and innovative concepts that have the most positive impact possible for the planet and people. We are able to generate a lot of ideas, but we also like to focus on details. The same idea can exist in many ways. We believe that it is how an idea is transformed that will make all its value.



improve / adjust


The third step is to transform a concept into aesthetic, functional, and tangible solutions. For this, we use rapid prototyping tools to test, adjust and validate the practicality of physical, or digital products. Our expertise in materials allows us to find the right material for the right application. Design tools help reveal the potential of ideas and enable them to be rapidly deployed in the market.



Make / launch


Depending on the customers and their internal development capacities, we can either follow the industrialisation process or constitute, manage and coordinate a team of experts to ensure technical development until launch. For this, we rely on our network of experts made up of engineers, manufacturers, printers, web designers, craftsmen and experienced entrepreneurs. Successful projects need continued consideration and care. We stay involved to make sure the project blossoms and stays healthy.

Meet the team

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Industrial design

Strategic Design Lead, CEO

Strategy / Industrial design