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Recyclable cardboard box to move art

Artproof is a service oriented fine art laboratory. They work with artists to print their vision, as envisioned, and deliver it framed for private or public exhibition.

Artproof BOX started journey with the idea to create an app. An app that lets people know how to order their amazing wooden crates for art.

Then they realized something. People do not need more wooden crates.

Art lovers need something lighter, something smaller, and something that does not give client a crash course in European waste disposal laws.

So that is why have created the Artproof BOX – a cardboard box to keep your art safe and secure.


Artproof  came to us with concept of the new BOX, our aim was to develop it and create ready product.

The BOX weights 75% less than a wooden crate, is easy to stock, easy to send, and most importantly –  easy to recycle.

Cardboard is FSC certified. 100% recycled foam. NO tape, and best of all absolutely NO plastic bubble wrap. Everything to give people more time enjoying art and less time dealing with packaging.


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product design