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Urbanization today is in full swing, living conditions are constantly transforming and becoming denser. Social and post-pandemic aspects need a new approach. New challenges have been posed to design, and it must go beyond purely aesthetics. In our work process, we are focused on the solution, not only on the product. N30 – the multifunctional outdoor furniture series, designed for the Estonian company NEULAR.

‘Neular’ is a revolutionary new material manufactured from household plastic waste. Unlike wood, ‘Neular’ is waterproof, mold-free, swell-free, and resistant to UV rays. And it is 100% recyclable. When designing outdoor furniture, it was important to develop a flexible and universal solution for the public space, which in turn creates an organic dialogue with modern architecture. Our product line creates a variable ecosystem, where everyone has space to communicate with friends and vice versa to focus and enjoy the moment in a more private area.

Project made in collaboration with Vitali Valtanen




Project type:

product design, photography