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PAKOO returnable and reusable packages

PAKOO is a new Estonian start up with aim to reduce unnecessary packaging waste pollution and make businesses more sustainable by replacing single use packaging with reusable one.

In era of rapidly declining resources, the topic of conscious consumption has become extremely crucial.

Project starts with a problem that the linear model in global trade and e-commerce is still rules. Where recycling is not enough. The solution is to switch from linear to circular model.

Guys from start-up came to us with initial idea to develop the new sustainable service.  Our aim was to help them with package, visual identity and name for the future brand.

For our team it was incredible interesting challenge. As we have a small online shop ourselves, we were well aware of the importance of this issue.

Together we started researching and analysing the situation.

We did surveys of different online shops and online shop users. We analysed brands who were already on the market with their solutions. Elected potential materials and constructions for the packages by different criteria’s as: sustainability, durability, accessibility, viability, feasibility and usability.

Based on a vast amount of materials we have created PAKOO CVI and set of returnable and reusable packages working in the loop model with aim to create positive impact on social and eco environment .





Project type:

Product design, Visual Identity, Packaging design